Introducing the Arosha BODYSLIM NUDE Dermofibra® Bodysuit, a cutting-edge solution for slimming and shaping your body. This bodysuit utilizes advanced fibers with bio-infrared technology, providing a slimming effect while helping to reduce waist circumference. The innovative Dermofibra® fibers stimulate microcirculation, instantly transforming your body shape.

Dermofibra® Bodysuit whose fibres with bio-infrared give slimming and shaping effect.
It helps to reduce waist circumference thanks to stimulating microcirculation giving an immediate result of a changed body shape.
By stimulating microcirculation, the innovative Dermofibra® fibres improve the appearance of the skin and help relax muscle tension.
EFFECTS: Slimming and shaping. Feeling of micro-massage Microcirculation improvement Change of body shape

£96.00 (inc.VAT)


The key benefits of the Arosha BODYSLIM NUDE Dermofibra® Bodysuit include slimming and shaping effects. The bodysuit’s fibers create a micro-massage effect, stimulating microcirculation, which in turn improves the appearance of your skin. Additionally, the bodysuit helps to relax muscle tension, further enhancing the overall results.

Experience the remarkable effects of the Arosha BODYSLIM NUDE Dermofibra® Bodysuit as it shapes and slims your body, providing a feeling of micro-massage and improving microcirculation. Enjoy the immediate change in your body shape with this innovative product.

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