A cosmetic formula with DRONE™ Technology which effectively reduces localised fat tissue and shapes waist and thighs. The innovative technology of moving the active ingredients of COSMETIC DRONE™ is unique and precise, which guarantees a focused and effective activity against only localised fat tissue. Thanks to this technology of transporting the active ingredients, we can efficiently work only on those areas where necessary, ensuring maximum effectiveness and eliminating side effects. An active ingredient is enclosed in a capsule made of a biodegradable and biologically compatible material, which is similar to a drone looking for a target (fat cells in this case) and focuses its activity on it. It owes its effectiveness to a symbiosis of a slimming effect and a thermoactive ingredient – VBE, which speeds up the basic tissue metabolism and activates microcirculation.

Intense anti-cellulite cream: stimulates blood circulation and improves drainage of retained fluids. An innovative combination of active ingredients visibly improves the condition of the skin by significantly increasing its firmness; eliminates retained fat and has draining effect, which reduces the amount of retained water and toxins.

How to use:
apply a small amount and massage into the skin until fully absorbed.