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Indications for use
The most effective method to fight cellulite in 5 minutes daily

Dry body brushing – what is it? Do you only associate brushing with hair? Find out all the secrets of this treatment!

Benefits for the client

“Thanks to dry body brushing for 5 minutes a day:

you will get a firm and tight skin
you will no longer need peels – your skin will be smoother from the first use
you will finally deal with the lumps and waves – “orange peel” on your skin
you will visibly reduce stretch marks
the skin will gain a healthy, uniform colour
you will relax, refresh and feel a real inflow of energy.”

Reference to the imagination

Everyone loves a spa.
Everyone wants to feel healthy, beautiful, wellbeing and relaxed!
Imagine being massaged daily, so you feel a boost of energy, you are purified, calm and beautiful! Arosha body brush massage is an exclusive spa treatment in your home!



Sizes: S, M, L, XL


A very old body brushing technique gives amazing results and great benefits to the lymphatic system in just a few minutes a day. The brush’s bristles are made of plant fibres called Tampico, extracted from Agave Lechuguilla, a desert succulent plant found in areas in Mexico’s northern part. Also recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. AROSHA brush massage aids detoxification of the body also reduces cellulite, slims the body and firms the skin. Try for yourself, see how it works in just a few minutes per day of dry body brushing!

Drainage effect – brush with gentle and slow movements to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Refreshing and energising effect – brush with gentle, deep strokes to stimulate the process of metabolism.

Relaxing effect – brush with slow, firm and deep movements along the muscles. Ideal after physical activity and for muscle spasms.


In addition to the most important, i.e. reduction of cellulite and stretch marks,  firming and smoothing of the skin, it is worth mentioning the minor positive effects of dry body brushing.

If you use an epilator, you’ll appreciate that by dry brushing you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs once and for all.

You need to know that dry brushing also gives results not only for the body but also for your soul! Massage is great for relaxing stressed muscles. Even after a short massage, you should be pleasantly relieved. Moreover, it is a moment just for you, a few minutes when you can think only of yourself and calm your mind.

For such results of a dry brush massage it is worth making sure you do it regularly, every evening!


Sizes: S, M, L, XL