Arosha BrusH

The most effective method to fight cellulite in 5 minutes daily


Dry body brushing - what is it? Do you only associate brushing with hair?

Find out all the secrets of this treatment!

Benefits for the client

“Thanks to dry body brushing for 5 minutes a day:

you will get a firm and tight skin
you will no longer need peels – your skin will be smoother from the first use
you will finally deal with the lumps and waves – “orange peel” on your skin
you will visibly reduce stretch marks
the skin will gain a healthy, uniform colour
you will relax, refresh and feel a real inflow of energy.”


A very old body brushing technique gives amazing results and great benefits to the lymphatic system in just a few minutes a day. The brush's bristles are made of plant fibres called Tampico, extracted from Agave Lechuguilla, a desert succulent plant found in areas in Mexico's northern part. Also recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. AROSHA brush massage aids detoxification of the body also reduces cellulite, slims the body and firms the skin. Try for yourself, see how it works in just a few minutes per day of dry body brushing!

Drainage effect

brush with gentle and slow movements to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Refreshing and energising effect

brush with gentle, deep strokes to stimulate the process of metabolism.

Relaxing effect

brush with slow, firm and deep movements along the muscles. Ideal after physical activity and for muscle spasms.


In addition to the most important, i.e. reduction of cellulite and stretch marks,  firming and smoothing of the skin, it is worth mentioning the minor positive effects of dry body brushing.

If you use an epilator, you’ll appreciate that by dry brushing you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs once and for all.

You need to know that dry brushing also gives results not only for the body but also for your soul! Massage is great for relaxing stressed muscles. Even after a short massage, you should be pleasantly relieved. Moreover, it is a moment just for you, a few minutes when you can think only of yourself and calm your mind.

For such results of a dry brush massage it is worth making sure you do it regularly, every evening!

“Here is my home spa. Of course, it must include Arosha products and an irreplaceable dry body brush. After brushing, a relaxing bath with Organique bath bombs. So, what is your home care like? Girls, please show off yours.”

Recommended for

  • pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • for those on a diet
  • for those who struggle with cellulite and swelling/oedema
  • for those with circulatory problems
  • for those who want to firm the skin
  • for smokers
  • for people after a long-term illness to help the detoxification process

There are a few contraindications for dry brushing. This type of treatment should be avoided by people who suffer from:

  • Various skin disorders, infectious diseases, changes on the skin, open wounds, inflammations. Massage may only be performed on areas free of such conditions.
  • Active Acne and severe Psoriasis and Eczema – people with psoriasis should avoid it at all (risk of exacerbating symptoms even in areas where there was no problem before).
  • Recent scar tissue. Of course, it is about massaging the areas where they occur; other parts of the body can be brushed.
  • Capillary skin. If you have superficially vascularised skin, avoid dry skin brushing.
  • Varicose Veins – you should never brush your legs.
  • Atopic skin. Any autoimmune condition that attacks the skin is a contraindication for dry massages. 

Why is the Arosha body brush so unique?

The brush is made of an agave plant fibre in natural cream-white colour, and the name comes from Tampico harbour in Mexico.

This fibre’s special microstructure gives it gentle abrasive properties – excellent for body brushes. 

The Arosha brush is also unique in that it has long bristles! This allows for proper massage and removal of dead skin and prevents clogging of the sebaceous glands. 

What does a dry massage brush look like? The Arosha brush has an oval shape and is made of wood. It is also equipped with a strap, making it easier to hold the brush firmly in your hand. The most important part of the dry brush is the bristle – natural – made of plant fibres, and the length of the bristle – long bristle makes it possible to perform a proper massage at an angle of 45 degrees!  While brushing, fine pollen can be visible, giving you a guarantee of the bristle’s natural origin – Tampico!

A bristle which is too short, too soft and made of artificial materials will not have a peeling effect!

The two basic rules on how to do a massage are: go from the bottom of the body upwards and control the pressure. 

Massage with a dry brush (similar to peeling/scrubbing during baths/shower) should start from the feet and up through the calves, thighs and buttocks to the abdomen and arms.

A dry brush massage is supposed to improve circulation, so it needs to promote blood flow from the most distant parts of the body towards the heart.

How to perform a massage when you are just starting? Above all, be gentle! 

In the first few days or even weeks, your skin will react with slight irritation. This is natural, and you must give it time to adjust to this type of treatment. If daily massage makes you feel uncomfortable, do it every second day. You may have a more sensitive skin and need more time to get used to it.

How to perform a procedure of dry body brushing step by step?

Surely you can intuitively feel where you can allow yourself to push harder and where you need to be more careful. Over time you will be able to apply more pressure, even on the top of your feet, or on the inside of your thighs and arms. 

OK, but how do you do a good massage correctly technique-wise? 

Hold the long bristle brush at a 45-degree angle to your body.

Avoid having the brush perpendicular, as the bristles can irritate the skin too much. When it comes to skin massaging movements, they should be short, upward strokes. The opposite is when using a short bristle brush – you can use this type of brush at right angles to your body.

You have to be very careful when massaging your breasts. It is a particularly delicate part of the body! How to massage your breasts? The safest way is to massage in circular motions around the breasts or figure-eight movements between them. Avoid massaging the breasts themselves and especially the nipples. Brushing is not the best way to treat cellulite on breasts.

What are the benefits of a breast massage? Firmer skin, which of course, makes your breasts look fuller! 

Remember to massage your breasts only with a brush made of natural agave bristles.

Also, you can choose an enzymatic dry peeling spray.

In this area, you have more possibilities. You can traditionally massage the abdomen, as described above, but you can also aid digestion. So for a tummy-firming massage, use vertical movements from the pelvis up towards the chest (don’t skip the sides where fat tends to accumulate). To improve the digestion process use circular clockwise strokes around your belly button.

Which way to massage the abdomen? It is always in a clockwise direction because that’s how our intestines are placed and the direction food moves in. The movements – circular motion – should be gentle and slow.

Time for the buttocks! This time have no qualms – this part of the body needs a real boost, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

There are several directions of movement when massaging the buttocks.

When massaging the back of the thighs, carry out vertical movements all the way to the buttocks – this is the first stage of massaging this part of the body. Next, position the brush roughly in the middle of the buttock and perform downward and inward slanting movements (do the same with the other buttock). The last movement is where the buttocks end and the back begins. Position the brush a few centimetres above the coccyx (the tailbone) and perform horizontal kneading movements, touching the hips – a few times to the left and then to the right. Massaging the buttocks is very important if you want to get rid of cellulite and push up this part of the body a little.

If you want to massage only the body’s hardiest areas, such as knees and elbows, go ahead and use the Arosha brush. Always start the leg brushing from the ankles upwards towards the heart. Massage the inside of your thighs very gently, as the skin there is thinner and more sensitive, and the massage has to be pleasant and healing.